Performance Center

About the Peak Performance Center/RIPPED (Reach Individual Peak Performance Every Day):

Athletes will train with the goal of reaching their peak performance. With a theme of ‘Be More Ready’ and a focus on developing the holistic athlete, RIPPED offers all levels of athletes the opportunity to develop their physical and mental skills through various strength and conditioning techniques.  RIPPED is focused on reducing muscular imbalances with the goal of reducing the risk of sports injuries.

The ultimate goal of RIPPED is to teach the athletes while they train. Athletes’ understanding of the why of the exercises increases the motivation to execute them. We want all the athletes to develop their physical strength, mobility, and athletic mindset in order to be the best at their sport.

Workouts include a functional warm-up, mobility training (with a focus on ankle, hips, and shoulders), core activation, strength exercises, and flexibility training.

RIPPED Class Descriptions:

High School Performance Training: This level of training is for grades 9-12. This is small group training in our performance center.

Primary focus: mobility conditioning, strengthening the stabilization muscles while increasing strength. Ultimate goal to increase athletic performance.

Middle School Performance Training: This level of training is for grades 6-8.

Primary focus: mobility conditioning, reactive training, teaching and executing movements using body weight as main source of resistance. Introduction to foundational weight training movements.

Youth Performance Training: This level of training is for grade 2-5.

Primary Focus: Teach youth athletes how to move their bodies with pace and balance through various strength and conditioning techniques through the use of bodyweight, bands, and plyometrics.