Biddy Ball Program

We are excited to continue 'FUN'damental' basketball to our youngest players! Players as young as 5 are at a great age to build the primary skills of basketball and develop a love for the game.  Parents are invited and encouraged in the gym.  Players should bring a size 27.5 basketball.

Peak Biddy Ball:

Peak Sports Academy introduction to basketball for boys and girls in kindergarten and first grade . Players will learn the basics and fundamentals of the game:

  • Procedures and rules of the game (arriving, warming up, sitting on the bench, subbing in, fouling out)
  • Game lines (foul line, sideline, baseline, three-point line, half court line)
  • Places on the court (top of the key, right/left wing, right/left corner, right/left block, right/left elbow)
  • Dribbling, shooting, passing
  • Teamwork, sportsmanship
  • Body movement and balance (Pivot foot, and triple threat, stepping into a shot)
  • Skills and drills become more multi-layered later in the season
  • Begins to play structured scrimmages/ games, culminating in a tournament on the last day of the program.


Gain skills and knowledge to continue to advance through Biddy Ball to our Rising Stars Program.  Players may benefit from at least 2 seasons of biddy ball. Rising Stars starts in 1st grade for players (players in 1st grade joining Rising Stars should have had at least one season of basketball and has had successful experience listening in a group and following directions).