Peak 3 on 3 League

Starting this October 2, 9, 16, and 22 2022

Peak Sports Academy is launching our very own 3 on 3 league:      $265 Early Bird Rate through September 7, 2022

First parent to sign up PLEASE sign up as TEAM MANAGER! Then forward the waiver and invite to your teammates! You MUST pay in FULL and gets reimbursed by your team.

  • Grade levels 3rd/4th through High School (same gender or coed)
  • Players will create their own roster
  • Teams can have from 3-6 players per team
  • Four-week season
  • Every team will be given their own team shirts
  • Each team will give themselves a team name (Peak reserves the right to modify names as needed)
  • Each team will play two games/different teams (20 minute running) every Sunday between 10 am-1 pm every Sunday
  • All staff members are professionally developed for our 3 vs 3 program (site directors, managers, referees, front desk and admissions)
  • Games are played on a half court or a side court
  • Each court will have its own referee who will also keep score
  • There are NO coaches (teams will coach themselves)
  • 3rd-4th grade teams may have a parent who can help substitute ONLY weeks 1-2 (But they are not allowed to coach)
  • Parents are allowed to attend BUT are not allowed to coach from the bleachers
  • Each game will have a winner BUT there is no season standings
  • This league is about development and having fun
  • Games will have music playing throughout the day
  • Games for the upcoming week will always be created on Mondays (based upon the previous week's results) This creates best fair competition
  • EVERY PLAYER MUST sign a waiver before they play their first game
  • Teams will be determined by the year they graduate high school (High school will be broken up freshman/sophomore and Junior/senior

Game rules:

  • 20 minute running games (5 minute break between game one and two)
  • No timeouts (running clock for entire gym)
  • Rock, paper scissors decides who starts with the ball
  • There is alternative possession for all jump balls
  • 3-6 players per team
  • Games are based upon whoever is winning at the end of the 20 minutes
  • No player can foul out of a game (but excessive fouls are not acceptable)
  • The referee is in charge of their designated court


Foul Shot rule:

  • One shot will be taken and counted for the amount of shots needed
  • For example: A two shot foul- make the first shot it is worth 2 points
  • 3 shot foul- make first one worth 3 points
  • A made first shot on a 1 and 1 worth two points
  • 7 team fouls in a 1 and 1 (there is no double bonus)
  • 3-4th grade foul line is 12 feet
  • 5-12 grades (standard foul line)


If the game is tied:

  • There is a sudden death team foul shot round (All 3 players must shoot)
  • If still tied sudden death round by round


  • Players and parents can not argue with the referee over calls
  • Parents may not coach at anytime (the league is designed for player development and creating a fun atmosphere)
  • Music is played throughout the games to enhance the atmosphere and experience

Are you interested in team shirt sponsorship?

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