Recreational Basketball

Peak Sports Academy is offering a recreational level play this winter. The objective is to have a fundamental program for children of all grade levels. Each team will be given an assigned coach/trainer to develop these skills, abilities, basketball IQ, and a deeper love for basketball. Each player will receive a jersey.

Recreation is for beginning players who still need time to learn basic basketball skills/basketball IQ; and/or just want to play basketball for fun. These teams will practice 1 time a week. The practice will consist of “Team” and “Skills” blended learning focusing on fundamental offenses, defenses, press systems, inbound plays, and gain basketball IQ through situational plays.  

Rec teams will gain experience and confidence by playing in an inter-squad game focused on fundamentals. The opportunity to play in league games may be offered and will be based upon practice efforts, game play, basketball IQ, and overall mental/emotional approach and maturity. Playing times will be shared but not equal. All will have opportunity to play.

Rec players will have 1 - 90 minute practice and inter-squad games (45 min practice/45 min inter-squad game) per week.

This program is $270.00 for the season. Players will get 28 1/2 hours of court time with our trained trainers and coaches.