Athletic Combine

Thank you for those who joined Chris Eckert and the Peak coaching staff for our first ever Athletic Combine on April 2nd and 3rd.  Data will be sent the week of April 4th. 

Peak Athletic Combines are centered around the assessment of performance through testing skill and athleticism. We will test all the athletes in various movements throughout the combine. It will give athletes a chance to see and perform in testing that is done at high-level colleges.  The goal is to create a relationship between training and athletic performance.  We will do it in a fun-filled setting where athletes can see where they stack up against their peers and for some age groups even D1/Professional athletes. 

Through this athletic combine, data will be shared with all the athletes to assist in the creation of goals for improvement.  Data will be collected, analyzed and shared with parents.  All the data will be used as a baseline to prove areas of growth for future testing.  

The next Peak Sports Athletic Combine will be on June 16th:

  • Elementary (grades 2-5):  Thursday, June 16th, 4:00 - 5:15
  • Middle School (grades 6-8):  Thursday, June 16th, 5:30 - 7:00
  • High School:  Thursday, June 16th, 7:00 - 8:30

Cost: $30

Power Assessment: 

  1. Broad Jump - The standing broad jump (SBJ) is a valid, reliable, and feasible field-based test, which can evaluate explosive strength of the lower limbs and physical fitness.
  2. Vertical Standing jump -The vertical jump is a test of an athlete’s explosive leg power. 

Agility/Change of Direction Assessment:

  1. Lane Agility Drill - Agility is very important in basketball and is measured using the lane agility test at the NBA camp. The Lane Agility test measures how fast a player moves laterally around the key.
  2. Pro Agility Drill or 5-10-5 Drill - Used for testing and building agility and power in its athletes, and it changes up the basic shuttle run by incorporating lateral movements in the drill.

Linear Speed Assessment:

  1. ¾ Court Sprint (75 feet) - Time to sprint over the distance of three-quarters of the court is measured in seconds. Maximum running speed is important in basketball.
  2. 10-Foot Sprint -As the 10m sprint test measures acceleration from a static position, it is a common testing protocol as a large majority of sports often involve such short-distance sprint movements. Sports that include any form of short-distance acceleration should often include a 10m sprint test in their performance testing battery.

Strength Assessment: 

  1. APFT Push Up Test - The APFT 2-min push-up test is a test of upper body strength endurance. The aim of this test is to perform as many push-ups as you can in two minutes.